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Welcome to Remove Bees. It's not often you need bee removal. Bee removal can be difficult, especially if when bees are in the structure of a building or in a public location. a new ariving swarm of honey bees typically has 3,000 to 6,000 bees! Typically the sooner you address with a bee problem the better. If you have questions, would like a quote or would like to schedule an appointment in the US, call the Remove Bees Hotline 800 900-9091. Feel free to visit us at how to get rid of bees for self help information on honey bee removal.

Bees in the house are usually a sign that scout bees looking for a place to bring a new hive, or that the honey bees have already moved to the structure. We provide options for live bee removal and honey bee reloation.

To request a call back, or to request a quote visit here.. Feel free to browse pictures or testimonials for additional honeybee removal help. - Thanks again for visiting Chino Removal.


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